Thursday, March 12, 2009

Let's Get This Change Over With!

This is a good year. We’ve elected a new president and he’s promised change. If you’d followed the polls, you’d also notice that he apparently has the support of most of the country. Of course this would make it easy for a politician to assume that he also has a mandate to pursue his agenda. After all, he was elected on his promise for change.

I don’t know about you, but I didn’t hear much in the way of specific changes that were being proposed in the months, weeks and days leading up to the election. It was all about taking care of ‘you’ or those ‘others’ that needed his help. Making sure that the “have-nots” would be re-cataloged as “haves”.

Of course now we see what he had in mind. Wealth redistribution. The “S” word. Our president is going to socialize our banks, our economy, and our health care. Heck, he wants to socialize our money!

This is good! No, not because I support his efforts to restructure what has made America the most successful and powerful place on this planet. Not because I believe in rewarding the non-workers with entitlements. Not because I see a future in it at all! But this is quite possibly the only way that this nation can get this socialist fantasy out of its collective system. Unlike Rush Limbaugh, I’m not hoping for President Obama to fail. Instead, I am confident that his plan will fail…ultimately.

It cannot succeed. The only real motivation for good hard work is financial reward. Once people realize that the reward is the same no matter how hard you work, the motivation evaporates, the efficiency disappears, and innovation means nothing.

The good news follows. Enlightenment. I know this. I have been enlightened like so many others. It’s times like these that forces people to rethink what works and what doesn’t work. All of a sudden we see the “recently unemployed” examining options. Network marketing or Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) is getting a second look. Marketing on the internet is generating a huge interest! What this says to me is that there are simply too many of us to fall for government hand-out gimmicks. Sure, they may take the cash up front. But many also know that it only amounts to terminal relief in a natural cleansing process that is going to happen repeatedly over the course of any society.

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